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Hi, guys today I am reviewing the Philips Multi Chopper. It is a really cute design and it comes in dark green purple and comes with a white-colored bowl basket lid. Chop Drop Blade This is to use with this basket and a regular chopper blade, which you can put directly into the bowl.

If you want to try out this Philips Multi Chopper, I’ll put a link. The details below always I hope if you find this review helpful Thanks for watching the post.

Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper
Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper

Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper

Enjoy Homemade Food any Day, Perfectly Chopped Onions, Tomatoes, Herbs, and more. Philips brings you the new Philips chopper, a helping hand in the kitchen. It can chop anything you want – vegetables, herbs, nuts, etc, in just seconds. Due to its press-down operation and compact size, chopping has never been this easy.

Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper

Processor Sliced ​​Trout Blade

As you would a regular meal. The processor is for cutting chopped trout blade onion garlic cheese vegetables and cutting the fruit into small pieces we will test in a minute and the regular chopper blade is for chopping raw onion hard cheese dry. Bread and herbs You cannot use this unit to cut ice or anything that is frozen.

The motor unit that sits on the top unit comes with an instruction manual. A recipe lists the ingredients and the amount of time it takes to process a book. Salsa is included in their recipes for Guamacole Baked Chicken Pesto Chutney and when you first tip.

So the hummus washes all the parts in hot soapy water or your dishwasher. Use small pieces of chopped raw blades to cut vegetables or fruits. Small pieces put the basket in the bowl, in the middle there is a metal pin in the bowl. Place the cut raw blade on that metal pin,

As a regular food processor

To which you will put your ingredients in the bowl, they will have to cut it by three-quarters. Plug the motor into the top with an inch or two-centimeter lid and simply press with your hands to start using it as a regular food processor, just put the chopper blade directly on the metal pin and put its contents. Attach the motor plug to it.

Press on top so it’s very simple. I’ll try using the onion first, it’s a medium onion. Plug it in and just press down on the top. You can see the onions on the top that they are small enough to fit through Should be

Slots in the basket really look great and even you won’t be able to. The baskets have one or two pieces to process more than one medium onion. They are slightly larger but very true of all of them. What I like about this blade is that there is no liquid. Onions are not.

The processor or mini chops or

When you process onions in a regular meal, you are sitting in a liquid what happens because of the processor or mini chops or sitting in a pool of onions. With this unit, the liquid under the bowl is not easy. When you saute these onions to work with they will brown fast because they are not.

It works amazingly well if you saute in a pool of onion juice, especially for a lot of onions. Now I will try to cut some carrots. This is a big carrot – the carrot is hard so it is better to keep it down.

ImageProductDetails  Price
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It is really nice beautifully diced carrots and it is perfect for all carrots in Mirepoix Onion Celery and Carrots in your recipes. Leave it through the hole in the basket Let’s hope it comes out of the orange color. Just saw it and still has a light orange stain and it is.

What to expect with a food processor.

Exactly what you would expect with any plastic part and a food processor. Comes in contacts with vegetables like beets and carrots. I’ll try to get it out later by rubbing it with lemon juice or something, oil. Now we’ll try tomatoes. These are two medium tomatoes. Here are tomatoes. They are also sliced.

Equally the thing about tomatoes is that they contain lots of liquids. So a lot is going to happen, the liquid is pushed down into the bowl. So that you can use it for salsa and if you don’t you can just use the tomato in the basket and want to process it.

You can do a process for a few seconds less than what I did in this unit. Maximum two medium tomatoes. Now we will use regular chopper blades for the process. Some nuts are roasted cashews, the bowl has a maximum of two cups or 500 ml before you do any dry process. Make sure the bowl and blade lid everything is dry.

Are cut into large pieces.

This is the result, you will find very small food processors with some nuts. This land is very fine and some nuts which are cut into big pieces. Nuts, all you need is a few pulses, now we’ll try the same blade with something. It is also very beautifully processed parmesan like Parmesan cheese.

It’s pretty easy to clean because all parts except the motor are dishwasher safe. Of course, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. You saw that the Philips Chopper is very powerful. It is a 300-watt process. I quickly became most impressed by the onions.

Because it is the closest. There is no fluid to use a knife, onions are sitting right there. The carrots for the sauce were perfectly served well over the nuts. The tomatoes and parmesan were perfect, everything is also very Was processed.

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