Tips to Follow While Designing Kitchen Furniture. Kitchen Furnitur

Best Tips to Follow While Designing Kitchen Furniture. Best Kitchen Farnichar Design In India. The kitchen is the most important part of the house where the food is prepared. Best Kitchen Furnitur Info read the post.

Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is the most important part of the house where the food is prepared. Therefore, the kitchen should be kept clean and organized, making it easy to work and enjoy cooking. Thus, having kitchen furnitur or opting for a modular kitchen today is the norm to keep it more organized. Some of the tips you can consider while designing kitchen furniture,

kitchen furnitur design

You mentioned below. Kitchen Furniture Designs Before planning the kitchen furniture design, decide on the kitchen’s working triangle. Before proceeding with the cook house and furniture layout, select the triangle for the fridge, hob and sink location. Once this, you can proceed with your planning of the kitchen furniture.

Tips for Designing Kitchen Furniture:

House Beautiful Sometimes, all three—sink, hob and fridge—come in a straight line. Then the kitchen furniture should be planned so that there is a kitchen furniture cabinet on one side and a cook house workstation on the other. So, the layout of the kitchen furniture changes according to the

Kitchen U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, corridor kitchen or open kitchen. Everyone has their style of working in the kitchen. So, try and identify your working style. While one might need a large fridge and not use a microwave oven,

Kitchen Furnitur
Kitchen Furnitur

Hence, kitchen furnitur design becomes easy once the kitchen equipment is fixed. Remember kitchen furniture and counter height; the difference between counter height and kitchen furniture is an important point when designing kitchen furniture.

The difference should not be too much; otherwise, it will not serve the purpose of working. In addition, it will inconvenience people of average height to work in a kitchen where things are at some height. They will need a frequent cook house ladder or stool to get stuff off the upper cabinets of kitchen furniture.

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Designing kitchen furnitur

As a rule, the height of the cook house countertop should be around a person’s waist, and other kitchen furniture should remain so things can be easily accessed while cooking. Kitchen Furniture Designing Tips Colors of Kitchen Furniture Colors play a significant role when deciding on your kitchen furniture.

While whites and pastels are pleasing to the eye and look fantastic, Indian kitchen furniture tends to get dirty quickly because of the pungent spices we use in the food, like turmeric, coriander and red chilli powder. So maintaining light-coloured kitchen furniture will be a big task.

Kitchen Furnitur
Kitchen Furnitur

Instead, opt for dark colours, but not heavy ones. If you prefer pastels, go for a dark pastel shade to minimize the risk of getting dirty kitchen furniture. You also can go for single-tone colour and do the entire kitchen in a single colour or opt for a dual tone.

kitchen decoration

The Kitchen Decor Remember that kitchen decor should match and complement the rest of the home, even if it makes a style statement, and it should not be in contrast to the rest of the house. Some colours and designs of kitchen furniture are below; you can take the idea here.

Tips for Designing Kitchen Furniture Source: Ideal Home Open kitchen in a single dark shade looks classy and matches the rest of the house’s decor. Tips for Designing Kitchen Furniture Source: Elle Decor You can also experiment with dual-tone kitchen furniture.

Here the greyish white complements the wood-brown, giving a classy look to the countryside, cook house Furnitur Materials In the case of kitchen furniture, the design and material used for the cabinets will directly impact the budget. Choose fabrics that are durable, maintainable and available in abundance.

Damage to existing kitchen furnitur:

The kitchen is the essential part of the house, which involves a lot of functionality. Constant opening and closing of the cabinet can cause damage, and a broken hinge or a channel can be repaired and used. However, broken cabinet walls and the alignment of kitchen trolleys can demand significant improvement.

Space Requirement: If you have a modular set-up of kitchen furniture with basic amenities and you want to redesign your cook house for more space. The kitchen needs to be to make the most efficient use of the newly available space.


What are the criteria for choosing the colour of kitchen furniture?

Choose dark shades or ones that are easy to maintain. While white looks classy, ​​it requires frequent cleaning and maintenance as stains can change colour to pale white.

What are the things to keep in mind while planning a kitchen layout?

While designing the cook house layout, remember that the kitchen furniture should not be too close to the gas or exhaust fan/chimney as they will harm the cook house furnitur. The kitchen should be well ventilated, and kitchen furnitur should not be a hindrance.

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