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Modern-day homes are small and compact. So are the kitchen platforms. One of the most annoying things in the kitchen is the lack of space. Suppose it is not possible to increase the workspace. In that case, it becomes unavoidable to use it intelligently and efficiently to ensure that you have a relatively large and spacious kitchen platform.

Accessories to make the kitchen platform bigger

Accessories to make the kitchen platform bigger

Here are the kitchen platform accessories, which will not let an inch of space in your kitchen; instead, it will turn each enclosure into multiple-use items. The most common mistake people make is wasting corner places in small areas. The use of corner space gives the kitchen platform a more comprehensive look and more room for movement. Use the nook well for space-efficient kitchen design.

Wall-mounted bins allow you to use the space above the stove or any other shelf, saving space that these jars and containers might have otherwise used. Also, the design keeps the ingredients close at hand while cooking.

Shelves With Kitchen Platform Space

Round or semi-circular kitchen platforms also lend more space and make your kitchen bigger and naughty. However, it gives more small workspace on media, so it is essential to keep it clutter-free.

A kitchen platform with built-in space serves as a multipurpose container to keep off essential things for everyday cooking. It is easy to clean, try, and fit containers inside this space to save overhead space.

Movable tables, popularly known as kitchen platform islands, can take many shapes, adding a new usable dimension to each look and shape. They are lightweight and can easily transport from one place to another.

Kitchen arrangement in addition to the items mentioned above

In addition to the above accessories, lighting also makes a big difference in how your kitchen looks. Install more than one light fixture to make it larger, which provides enough light to work areas such as stoves, countertops, and sinks.

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You choose from various fixtures and settle for one type that suits your kitchen decor the most; for example, you can go under cabinet lighting if your cabinets are high or not. Then use overhead fixtures that throw enough light in the cabinet interiors.

Kitchenwares and kitchen wares are available in many materials and designs that make utility and the best place in the kitchen; Cooking – a pleasant experience. For my article, see my blog; Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of benefiting from the proper use of directions in the home. By keeping all things wrong tips, the flow of positive energy can be increased in the house, which increases happiness and prosperity in the place.

Vastu Rules for Kitchen Platform

According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is the most critical area of ​​our house, which generates all kinds of energy. The rules of Vastu Shastra for the kitchen tell us in which direction the kitchen should be set up so that we can use these energies for our benefit.

The kitchen platform should be installed in the southeast direction of the house as this part of the house represents the fire element. Agni (fire) is the owner of this direction, so setting up the kitchen in this direction, brings positive energy and a health-enhancing environment for the well-being of the people of the house.

If a location in the southeast direction is not possible for the kitchen, then as an alternative measure, the kitchen can be installed on the northwest border of the house. But always avoid setting up the kitchen in the northeast direction. This direction represents the water element instead of the fire element, which will increase the flow of negative energy in the house, which is the leading cause of ill health of the people of the house.

Vastu Shastra rules for kitchen platform

The kitchen platform should be placed in the east or southeast corner of the kitchen. If possible, the kitchen platform should be at some distance from the east towards the south wall, i.e., southeast corner or fire angle. The best color for the kitchen stage is green, and you can use light green granite for this; another option is white marble.

Should place architectural rules for gas stove burners, cooking stoves, or gas burners a few inches away from the wall in the southeast direction. The cooking stove or gas burner should never be in front of the main door, and the cylinder should be placed under the gas burner.

In ancient days, they used only firewood for cooking in the kitchen. They used only wooden stoves for cooking but now times have changed. Time is more valuable than money, and you can complete work in less time than ever before and enjoy free time. It is best to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Place the three-burner gas stove in the southeast corner of the kitchen.

Vastu rules for storage in the kitchen

Should install cabinets for storage in the south or west direction of the kitchen. The same rule applies to storage containers. In the kitchen, storage containers for grains, spices, salt, pulses, sugar, etc., should be placed in the south or west direction of the kitchen.

Always avoid overhead storage above the cooking stove in the kitchen. The kitchen platform should be placed in the south and west of the heavy uniform kitchen like fridge, mixer grinder, dishwasher, and microwave oven for electronic appliances. But must locate the source of their power supply in the southeast corner of the kitchen.

You can also keep the fridge in the northwest or southwest direction of the kitchen. Please make sure the switchboard should be at the southeast tip of the kitchen. Kitchen platform windows should be placed on the eastern border of the kitchen. Exhaust wings should be placed in the east of walls at the southeast corner of the east walls in the kitchen. Ventilators should be placed in the south direction of the kitchen.

For the doors in the kitchen platform

The doors should be made in the kitchen’s east, north, or west direction, but they should not be in any corner. Make sure the doors open clockwise. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen door should never be right in front of the toilet door.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is also essential that the kitchen should not be proper in front of the main door. Kitchen platform Suitable colors for the walls and floors of the house are yellow, orange, pink, chocolate, or red.

According to modern Vastu Shastra experts, try to choose colors with some green elements to increase positive energy. Please avoid using dark colors for both the wall and floor in the kitchen.

Some Important Instructions for the Kitchen

According to Vastu, these points should be kept in mind while planning the kitchen platform construction, should never be built above or below the kitchen, bathroom, or toilet. The kitchen should never be built in front of the toilet, even the bathroom or toilet wall, and the kitchen wall should never be one (shared). It is also essential that the kitchen door never be right in front of the toilet.

The dining table should be placed in the northwest direction of the kitchen. No statues or pictures of God / Goddess or temple should be installed in the kitchen. It is also essential that the kitchen be adequately cleaned before sleeping.

For prosperity, it is suggested that cooked food should be devoted to fire. The slope of the kitchen ground should be from the southwest direction to the northeast direction, and artificial lighting can be installed towards the east or north direction of the kitchen.

Some Simple Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen stage in the palace; is where we spend our happiest moments and enjoy being a family. Where food is cooked, Vastu is considered an energy producer. It is also a source of family health and well-being and directly impacts our lives.

Apart from food, location, direction, set and kitchen also play an essential role in the house. Vastu helps maintain the balance between energy in the kitchen and creates a harmonious atmosphere when having a family meal together. Here are some simple Vatu tips for your kitchen

East and southeast are the two best directions for the leading kitchen platform. Do not place the gas burner in front of the door. The storage of grains and other essential items should be in the south or west, while the drainage and sink should be in the northeast. Doors and windows. The main entrance of the kitchen can be made in the north, north-east or east but it can be made in the bathroom. Should never face the door of

Tips to attract your kitchen platform

We all know that a kitchen is the busiest place in the house, especially given that where our food is prepared, we eat our breakfast, and in some cases, it serves as the social center of the house. Therefore, it is essential to plan the proper kitchen.

If this is not enough, not everyone can afford the same level of organization as rich people. Unfortunately, those people have to compromise luxury for space. Using the right colors, lighting, flooring, and layout for your kitchen plans can differentiate hell on earth and a chef’s paradise.

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nd stores foods a no-brainer; many people don’t know how much planning and organization add to it. Is, as well as added that the kitchens function as one room, with the power to sell or buy any house.

Kitchen planning spirit

So, where do we start first in the spirit of planning some kitchens? Your floor plans are probably the most important because they will detail exactly where everything will be at once. The most popular and most commonly used kitchen floor plans are:

A wall layout: – It is the most basic and used of all forms. It includes all large kitchen appliances lined up against a single wall to maximize space and flow, and it is mainly used in most homes.

Corridor Layout: – This is a minor spin-off from a walled design. It involves using two kitchen platforms that are built parallel to each other. L-shaped layout As the name suggests, it is made in the shape of an L corner and connects the kitchen to the dining room.

Kitchen platform plan

Double-L Layout: Simply put, it is a collaboration of two L-shaped designs in one. Many claim it works better due to the expanded number of counter workspaces and the extra sync.

U-shaped layout: This is quite well used in small kitchens; this plan uses a U-shape to maximize the floor space available. Commercially acceptable and highly rated, and recommended. The design flows well with good traffic in and through the kitchen. Choosing a layout that best suits the size of your home and how many people live in the house will introduce a healthy flow and make cooking easier.

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